Monday, 28 June 2010

Clearing up a couple of details

There is some misinformation floating around the internet regarding Anne Greig leaving her marital home in 2000 and what was involved. This is unfortunate considering it is misleading for anyone who is trying to unravel the truth of the Hollie Greig case.

The Palestine Telegraph (3rd paragraph after the letter to Mr Green from John Logue) reports that:
In 2000 Anne was violently abused by her husband after she commenced checking the background to her brother Roberts mysterious death and the money paper trail that he had left behind(these aspects were covered in the last article). As a result of this outburst and the injuries sustained by Anne she decided to take Hollie and move into a hostel..

While an article from Spreading the Word (under the heading “Cement Gang”) states:
Hollie's father was violent to Ann. That night a spat flared up between Ann and Hollie's father and he beat her up. Ann had to get her daughter away from the house. They went into a hostel. Hollie got hysterical and demanded to be taken back to the house to get her dogs, the two Bichons, because, Hollie became terrified that her father would kill them.
Note: I have to say that the article "Cement Gang" is an eye-opener regarding how 'those in power' apparently become entangled in the sordid world of abuse.

But that aside and back to the points.

Both the report by the 'Palestine Telegraph' and the article by 'Spreading the Word' are factually incorrect – well they are if we are to believe the account Anne Greig offered to the consultant psychiatrist Dr M.A.E Smith (the psychiatrist with whom Anne sought help in testifying that she is of sound mind):

Dr Smith report/analysis (last paragraph)
“Met her husband (an electronic engineer) when 21 “I fell in love with him.” Married in 1974 – against her mother’s advice, her mother felt he was marrying her for her money. She described him as a womaniser – he was always having affairs 5 years ago, considered leaving him. She described her marriage as “a farce – it became a nightmare." She left him April 2000 after discovering he was having an affair with her cousin. She described somewhat dramatically subsequent events. She said her husband threatened her and was violent towards her.”
Later in the same report (click here to read the photocopy):
“4. Husband – he frequently works away – he is an electronic engineer – In April 2000 there was a crisis when she found out that her son had been charged with lewd and libidinous behaviour.

At the same time she discovered her husband's affair with her cousin - "there was a big row - he physically assaulted me - I fled the house in bare feet - I went to a friend's - my husband informed the police that I was missing - he kept phoning the police - I thought it was a joke - I went home the next day - my friend had advised me to return and get Hollie - but he wouldn't let her out of his sight - he refused to let Hollie go with me - he went out and returned drunk - I called the police and they removed him from the house - I got myself organised and in July (July is crossed out and replaced with May in the side column of the report) I moved into a hostel - I found I was being watched by the staff - it's all on the video - it's in my medical notes - Holly and me - we were out everyday - I found a flat, 2 bedroom - I have redecorated and refurnished it - we're still there at the above address."
So where did the 'Palestine Telegraph' and 'Spreading the Word' get their details from? Did the author of Spreading the Word and the reporter for the Palestine Telegraph (Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant) invent their versions, use artistic licence, or were they merely reporting what Anne had relayed to them?

Whatever the reason behind the misconstrued report/article respectively, it is evident from the dialogue given by Anne Greig to Dr M.A.E Smith that the violent argument between herself and her husband ensued after she discovered he was having an affair with her cousin, fled their marital home (leaving Hollie behind!) to a friends home and did not return to collect Hollie until the following day and only after advice offered by her friend.

Photocopies of Dr Smiths psychiatry assessment courtesy of StolenKids-Hollie. Incidentally, the Stolenkids-Hollie site has a collection of scanned/photocopied letters from various authorities involved in the case.

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