Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Hollie Greig and the Petrol Station Incident


Interviewer: Yeah, tell me about that story about Hollie and the petrol station incident thing

Belinda McKenzie: Well, this is, this happened several weeks ago, probably sort of about the end of May, erm, and sort of just one of the things that happened which sort of adds to the whole sort of sinister and package of nasty things that have been going, going on with Hollie and Anne since they’ve been going public, and they were in a petrol station and obviously filling up the car and er, Anne went in to pay basically and left Hollie in the car by herself, and when she came out and came back to the car, Hollie was in floods of tears and very upset and apparently some policewoman had come and banged on the window and had shouted abuse at Hollie through the window and told...threatened Hollie basically you know, we know what you’re doing and we’re not going to put up with it and whatever she said, Hollie was completely horrified and upset by it

Interviewer: What did she say?

Belinda McKenzie: Well, I haven’t actually heard what, what she actually said, but it was bad enough to really upset Hollie so if it’s a question as to whose upsetting Hollie then I have to say it’s the official people who are upsetting Hollie, not the campaigners, which is really, you know, the message we’re trying to get across is that this campaign and what we’re doing to defend Hollie actually makes Hollie feel a lot better and happier. What doesn’t make her feel happy is when the official people tell her they want to kill her, get rid of her and shut her up and separate her and all that....

I have no doubt that Belinda McKenzie believes what she has apparently been told by Anne Greig, but there are a couple of things which strike me as odd about her statement.

The question asked by the interviewer “what did she [the policewoman] say?” Why did Belinda McKenzie feel the need to fill her reply with an explanation that it is not the campaigners who are upsetting Hollie? And when did any official tell Hollie that they want to kill her, get rid of her, shut her up or separate her?

A police person entering a petrol station will no doubt attract attention from other customers at the fuel pumps, therefore it is likely that if this incident had taken place then there would be numerous people who witnessed this odd behaviour by the policewoman, especially as she was apparently banging on a car window and shouting abuse at a passenger.

Petrol stations have CCTV covering all their pumps, so no doubt there will be video coverage of this odd behaviour by said policewoman.

After this announcement to the public there has been no follow up from either Anne Greig or Robert Green, at least as far as I am aware. Surely this would the scoop of the year for a couple who have tried hard to collect information on the ‘cover up’ of Hollie’s case.

If it turns out that Hollie had not told this story to her mother and that Anne had in fact invented the scenario, then it would certainly place a question mark over anything else that Hollie has supposedly said in the past.

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