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Robert (Roy) Greig Embezzlement

It seems that the Palestine Telegraph (see article below ) may have combined artistic licence with fact.

The Palestine Telegraph tells us that Anne Greig was apparently “abused by her husband after she commenced checking the background to her brother Robert’s mysterious death and the money paper trail that he had left behind.

The “paper trail” seems to be correct; however it was not while Anne was checking her brother’s “mysterious” death as PT would have us believe. According to a letter from Dr Elizabeth Henderson to Dr S. Wilson: A couple of weeks prior to Anne leaving her marital home Anne had found out that her brother, Robert (Roy) Greig, had embezzled her of some money. Since finding out about the embezzlement Anne had been preoccupied with investigating the source of the financial misdemeanour and her time had been consumed by this activity.

The letter goes on to say that Anne had seemingly built up an elaborate scheme, whereby her husband, son and Dr Wilson (to whom the letter was addressed) are all involved with a conspiracy against her and collaborating to prevent her from discovering the true misdemeanour of her brother’s embezzlement. Interestingly, it is now a conspiracy to prevent any justice for Hollie’s apparent abuse.

It appears that between the year 2000 and 2009 the story has changed from embezzlement to a “mysterious” death, although when the change of story actually took place is uncertain, but we do have a clue in the form of Robert Green’s talk currently on Youtube: Vid 1 and Vid2 where he states that:

@ 9:32 “Anyway, just to round up that particular part of the story, when I became involved in it about 18 months ago after we sort of, er, obviously we were concentrating very much on what happened to Hollie, but we did actually start to look at the death of Roy as well, and I approached the Crown Office to see if we could have a copy of this autopsy, you know, 12 years ago...

Continued on the next video:

...they repeatedly refused this very important documentation and it was by this time that Anne felt her brother had been murdered because of the incident involving Mackie. Er, the Crown Office told both Anne and myself that erm, yes they have got the document there but they didn’ wasn’t the normal procedure that’s passed onto the next of kin.”

His comment is confusing. First it seems that he and Anne only started looking into Roy’s death when Robert Green became involved 18 months ago, but then seems to contradict himself in the next part of the video: “ was by this time that Anne felt her brother had been murdered...” By what time? By the time Robert Green became involved in the case or when the Crown Office refused to relinquish the autopsy 12 years ago?

Of course we have no idea whether or not Anne Greig truly did attempt to get a copy of her brother’s autopsy report; we only have her recent word on that. However, the official letters seem to indicate that Anne had initially believed Robert Grieg’s death was suicide so it does seem unlikely that she had made any attempt at receiving a copy of the report. If she had not, then we can assume that Roy’s death being deemed as murder may have occurred only when Robert Green became involved around 2009.

Perhaps another observation to note is that in the same letter, dated 3 May 2000, it explains that Anne is convinced that her husband was having an affair with a nurse (Anne’s cousin) who was giving her husband drugs which enabled him to poison her. I say another observation to note because this later changed to Anne stating that her husband had been poisoning Hollie and having her followed (source: letter to Ms Dinsmore from Dr Fiona Palin, dated 24 December 2003). So it appears that in the space of three years (2000 – 2003) the story had altered slightly from her husband attempting to poison her, to her husband poisoning Hollie. Incidentally, in Dr Smith's psychiatric report, Anne had repeated the allegation of her husband having an affair with her cousin but had omitted the part about her cousin passing poison on to her husband. Considering Anne was trying to show that she is of sound mind at the time of Dr Smith's analysis then perhaps it is of no surprise that she may have chosen to omit this detail.

It could be said that all these doctors are lying and as Anne says; that they are all conspiring against her. But it could also be as likely that Anne may have altered the story as time went by. At the moment, and without evidence, the reason why can only be speculated.

But what about the apparent embezzlement? According to Anne, her brother had no reason to commit suicide and that he had no financial problems. If this is true then why would her brother steal money from her?

The National Archives of Scotland has a record of an R. Greig who had gone into bankruptcy between 1 April 1994 and 31 March 1995, only two years prior to Robert (Roy) Greig committing suicide. Is this Anne’s brother? Going by the embezzlement it may well be, but just as equally the name may belong to another person and the date is coincidental.

Whatever the truth behind these apparent discrepancies there is one thing for certain, to get to the bottom of things then perhaps these details need to be investigated further, especially as these discrepancies may leave a question mark as to how many times the story has altered (if at all), over what period of time and to what degree.

Photocopies courtesy of StolenKids-Hollie.

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