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Transcript of Tony Legend Show with Mark Daly (BBC) Part 2

Tony Legend Show: BBC's Mark Daly v Robert Green

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Second video (transcript beneath):

Continued from first video (previous article)

MD = Mark Daly
TL = Tony Legend
RG = Robert Green
AG = Anne Greig

MD: (continued) would lose my job, the first thing I would do would be to resign and to go freelance and tell the story myself. Now does it really ring true to you Tony? Does it?

TL: Well, if this was the BBC maybe twenty years ago I would take it on but for me the BBC has lost a lot of credibility and respect.

MD: Listen, I’m not here to defend the BBC, er, BBC has its problems er, it does, but I’m here to talk to you tonight about my role in this and I’m asking you Tony, do you really think that rings true?

TL: Well, I let Robert come in because he wants to say something to you there...Robert go ahead.

RG: Yes I do Mark. Now Mark ...

MD: Hello Robert

RG: Hello Mark, now I maybe regards a little old fashioned but I believe in chivalry. It’s not only because you refuse to do the story that distresses me enormously and we can talk about that, I’m not going to talk about it unless you give me your assurance on this. You are not only in the situation where you did not run the story, but you insulted a lady and that lady happens to be my client Anne Greig. You made serious aspersions in writing about her mental state. They were heartless, cruel, they were groundless and more over you knew they were groundless and unless I get an unconditional apology to you right now, Anne is here at the studio, I will not talk to you any more about this.

MD: Right, okay. Robert I be honest I’m actually surprised you actually came on the program tonight to, to, to speak to me and I think, you know, it would be rather cowardly of you if you were to suddenly hang, or suddenly walk out of the studio and not take any further part in the debate. Now what I will say about what you’ve just said is that Anne passed me, erm, details, medical details about her. Now if you think I’m going to talk about somebody’s personal medical details on air, I’m just not going to do it, what I will do, what I will do is this, from the notes, from the evidence, from the documents that I was given by Anne, it was very clear to me in my opinion, in my opinion that had I to rely on, in a court, defending allegations I had made about somebody, a paedophile (unintelligible) that I would not be able to rely on her in court. That was the conclusion I reached, that was the truthful conclusion I reached, that was what I believed and that’s what I said to Anne in a private letter Robert, and I’ve no wish to talk about, erm, Anne’s mental health on air, you know, with hundreds or thousands of people listening. Okay. Now, if you still don’t wish to discuss these issues...

AG: hang on a second.

MD: Okay Anne.

AG: Right, this is my, you know, er, medical things that we’re speaking about here and I have got absolutely nothing to hide.

MD: Okay. I still, you know, Anne I...

AG (shouts over MD): Okay!

MD: Anne, I’ll be happy to talk to you, erm, about this issue if you like on a personal note...

AG (interrupts): Okay!

MD: on a personal...

AG (interrupts): the documents I gave you, the documents that I gave you proved that this was a paper chase right. Three...well, not even three months after I was sectioned the whole case was dropped. Everything.

MD: Okay Anne

AG: And this is now how many years down the line? Right? So don’t, don’t you say that you had this thing about me because that is really highly insulting

MD: I’m sorry that you were. That you took as it insulting Anne. I was giving you a genuine appraisal of my opinion of the situation. However, Anne, there are many, many more reasons why I was unable to continue with this story and now, if Robert agrees and if you agree, I will talk to you about that conclusion that I reached at some point and I’d be happy to, but I’d like to move on to the many, many other reasons which meant that this is not a story that I or the BBC or for that matter, any other reputable, any other reputable news organisations can ever publish...

AG: Mark, I’d just like to say to you, are you medically qualified?

MD: As I said to you Anne, it isn’t, it was my opinion that, my opinion only...

AG: Yeah, your opinion

MD: ...that...hang on...

AG: but you’re not medically qualified are you?

MD: no and I don’t claim to be, but it was my opinion that had I had to rely on you in court then I thought that your credibility would have been impaired...

AG: What did you think I would have done in court like?

MD: Anne, I’m sorry that was the conclusion I reached at...

AG: What do you think I would have actually done in court?

MD: what do you mean? It’s not what you would have said in court Anne, that’s not, that’s not what it was about and I took great pains to explain to you and to Robert the reasons behind my decisions related to the documents that you passed me

TL: Now can I just come in for a wee second folks. Now Mark I respect that this, this is tension all round in all angles here but erm, I’d like to move on a second because at the end of the day it’s not about Mark Daly, it’s not about the BBC, It’s not about censorship or any who said...who said what....the bottom line is that we both agree that Hollie was abused by her dad and so I would like to focus on that.

MD: I’m not saying anything like that, but I’m saying to you is that I think that there was probably some strong evidence that Hollie was abused ...yes...and I’m not saying...

AG: Mark, as far as I’m concerned I just say the loop

MD: Can I just move on...

AG: No! As far as I’m concerned I could be the loopiest person on this planet and that does not distract from the fact that my daughter was abused.

MD: It does not Anne, it does not, absolutely not so..

TL: So erm...

MD: Can I, can I just come in a minute please

TL: Yes

MD: Robert, in ...there are various things online, you’ve said online. You’ve said things online, you’ve said things to radio stations, to anyone who would listen really, erm, you’ve named this paedophile ring, erm, you the bottom of everything you’ve said all these names, al l known to me as a result of my extensive investigation and I believe them to be true, so you investigated all these allegations Robert, is that right?

RG: Mark, I want an unconditional apology to Anne right now. (gets angry, raises his voice) I’ve just told you. I’m not talking to you again until you behave like a gentleman. This is you and me, man to man. Have the guts to apologise your disgusting remarks about Anne’s mental state, have no bearing on the case anyway and you knew to be false.

MD: Tony, can I just suggest to you that, I don’t think Robert is going to erm, engage in anything to do with me tonight because he knows that what I’ve got to say, erm, is going to be slightly problematic for him. So if you can just try and mediate the situation Tony because....what I will do is say that I’m very sorry that Anne was offended by comments that I made. I am sorry about that, but there’s nothing I can do about the fact that was my opinion and I’d like to say I’m sorry Anne was offended by that, but Robert, if you can please move on and just answer the questions.

TL: I would just like to say, I mean obviously I’m not a medical expert either but after meeting Anne for even after five minutes I could realise that she’s very articulate and very well spoken and not in any way crazy and the way I perceive this when she was sectioned, that, that just looked to me like trying to discredit her and it seems to have worked.

MD: Okay, well, if we can agree to move on Tony please.

TL: Alright...Robert...

MD: Robert, would you answer the questions please

RG: Well no. Have you, is that an unconditional apology to Anne? Will you withdraw everything you said and admit that what you said was groundless? It was based on lies and you knew it to be false. I want you to say that on air now.

MD: No, I’m sorry, I can’t Robert, no...

RG: You’re not getting off the hook that easily, you lied.

MD: Sorry, I can’t say that Robert .. Robert look..
RG: Well in that case I’ve got nothing more to say to you Mark, that’s the end as far as I’m concerned

MD: Tony...okay..

RG: You are not a gentleman

MD: Tony, why don’t you come in here, just try and take control of the situation please.

TL: Alright. We’ll move on Mark. What else would you say here live, because I know this, this...

MD: Tony, I’ve had months of this without ever being asked to give my side of the story, even this program Tony, erm, not once was I asked to come on and put my side of the story. I wasn’t asked for a right of reply. I had to ask to come on this program,, if you don’t mind I’d like to say my piece...

TL: Okay. Yeah. If that’s...go ahead you have the floor.

MD: Now, Robert, you’re saying that you’re an investigator, you’re saying that all these allegations have been investigated and their known to you to be true, now let’s start with the sheriff. Now this sheriff who is one of the ringleaders of this ring, the sheriff’s sister is also involved and the sheriff’s brother-in-law....Am I right?

TL: yeah, continue that.

MD: Robert, am I right?

TL: He’s er, he’s busy writing. Sorry .. we’re caught up said something there Mark about er..

RG: Yes, you’ve just said another untruth Mark. You, as you well know, I emailed you about the public meeting that was held on the 3rd October at the Quake Hall in Edinburgh.

MD: What? What’s that got to do with this?

RG: It’s got everything to do with because you said you weren’t invited to give your part side of the story. I invited you to ....

End of 2nd Video (3rd video with transcript in next article above)

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