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Transcript of Tony Legend Show with Mark Daly (BBC) Part 4

Tony Legend Show: BBC's Mark Daly v Robert Green

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Fourth video (transcript beneath):

MD = Mark Daly
RG = Robert Green
AG = Anne Greig
TL = Tony Legend

MD: Let’s talk about that Robert.

RG: And the medical records of Hollie I’m empowered to talk about now which confirmed that a doctor Carter examined Hollie in 1990 and found that she had a sexually transmitted disease.

MD: Sure

RG: These are the kind of people that the Scottish establishment are trying to cover up for

MD: Sure. Look Robert I think you’ve heard me say already that I’m....what I said ..I’ve said several times tonight already that I think that there are strong grounds for backing up the suggestion that Hollie was abused probably by someone by...who had access to her. Yes, that’s not in dispute as far as I’m concerned Robert it never has been. Let’s talk about the autopsy. Now, the autopsy, I guess the listeners don’t know, this is Anne’s brother, now erm, Anne’s brother allegedly erm killed himself and I think that Robert now insists that’s suggested by Robert and the campaign team that this was murder because the brother, Mr Greig, had seen Hollie being abused. Now, what I’ve managed to find out Robert and I don’t know whether you as your, erm, your role as a senior investigator in this case whether you did but two days before Mr Greig was found dead he had been suspended from his job for financial irregularities, okay, and he was then...

AG: Can I just butt in here?

MD: Sure Anne, sure

AG: That, that’s not...he was suspended but er, he’d already spoken to his union meeting, er, leader about it and it was a minor thing, he had to go down to Glasgow and to speak to them, er, it was absolutely was a stock take problem right

MD: yes he was suspended on the suspicion of stealing money, that’s what he was suspended he

AG: You think my brother took his life because of that? Is that what you’re trying to say?
MD: Sorry?

AG: so who gave him the fractured skull, the broken sternum? And the broken ribs?

MD: Well, can I just come to that? I’ll just come to that. He didn’t have a fractured skull, he had some damage to his head yes, but not a fractured skull. Now what happened as far as I understand is that he fixed a pipe to the exhaust and attempted to kill himself and...

AG: Not attached

MD: ...and something went wrong and the car went on fire, there were two people passing, dragged him out of the car and were attempting...

AG: They were passing? I don’t think so

MD: Now the injuries that you’re talking about Anne, a broken sternum, a broken ribs, these are all injuries which are consistent with CPR. Now did anybody...

AG: Nooo! Not at all

MD: Has anyone on this panel ever done first aid?

AG: Not at all

MD: Has anyone done first aid on this panel...

AG: We’ve had experts look at the autopsy

MD: Anyone who’s done first aid will tell you that the damage (can’t hear a few words because of Anne Greig’s raised voice) ...consistent with CPR

AG: You are not medically qualified to state anything about my brother’s autopsy because you are not medically qualified. Now we have had experts look at my brother’s autopsy right

MD: I’m just telling you that this again is something else that would not stand up as far as a journalist is concerned from a news organisation (can’t hear because of Anne Greig’s voice drowning out Mark Daly’s.)

AG: So you’re telling me that the ambulance service knocked my brother’s .... you know fractured my brother’s skull?

MD: Well I’m lead to believe that there was no fractured skull...there was damage but there was no fractured skull and again it was at the back of the head and it was consistent with injuries while delivering CPR

AG: That’s absolute tummy rot...

TL: Alright, ha ha...we’re almost out of time folks. Anything else Mark that you’d like to say?

MD: Well I just ...yeah, yeah I would actually. Now I don’t know whether what I’ve said tonight will make any difference to this campaign or to what they think about the BBC. What, what is interesting is that Robert has refused to give permission for the secretly recorded conversations to be broadcast, now I wonder what his thinking behind that is...but the one thing I would say, and ...I know, Anne is obviously getting hostile against me now and I can understand why, but ..the one thing I’d say here is that this case, I can’t ever see this case getting to court unless some new evidence comes forward. But like I said before, the one allegation that did hold any water has been washed in a deluge of these other, slightly fantastical, allegations and I just wonder that when this fever and the emotion dies from this campaign, when no success is attained, when no newspaper will publish, that when the steam eventually runs out, who’s going to be looking after...who’s going to be looking out for Anne and Hollie then? Will Robert Green still be?

TL: Well er...
MD: Tony Legend? David Ike?

AG: I’m a fifty-eight year old woman for God sake you know?

RG: There’s no question about that Mark. I shall be here right to the end and I don’t agree with your analysis of that. And one other thing I would like to mention to you as well, is that the opposition, the solicitors representing the sheriff, who I am not going to name right now, representing him in this case, have already accepted that Roy Greig was murdered, that is the other side

MD: Oh Robert that’s just not true.

RG: Oh it is. We’ve got it. We’ve got the document.

MD: Robert, Robert are...

RG: It’s a legal document in the public domain, you can go look at it...

MD: Robert, Robert ... ...Truth Ninja, I don’t think you would know the truth if it was karate chopped across your neck Robert I wish...

RG: You should know that

MD: ...I wish you good luck in your campaign for Parliament okay. And I think that erm, I hope that some of the things that have been said by the more sensible people listening to this program will be taken on board and considered properly, before people start turning up and demonstrating outside organisations, before people start making allegations, the most serious allegation anybody can make about someone to call them a paedophile. People should maybe have a little bit of, people should have a pause and really genuinely think about what it is that you’re doing here Robert, about the seriousness of what you’ve done. What you’ve done is an affront to free speech, it’s an affront to it, it’s not a demonstration of it, it’s an affront to it and it’s disgraceful. And you’ll have to live with that. Tony thanks very much for having me

RG: He, Mark I have no trouble in living with myself over this, it’s the cowards you try to cover and that included you.

TL: No worries er Mark I do appreciate you coming on and you’ve done a good job of giving your side of the story and I understand that, obviously it’s a hot topic, but the bottom line is that, as we can all agree, Dennis Mackie has a lot to answer for. He’s still free, he’s not hiding, he’s a free man so maybe we should go and door knock him or doorstep him as you would put it and see what he has to say on the matter, but I do appreciate your time, you’ve been a good guest and thank you very much for er giving us your time and coming on the show tonight.

MD: All the best Tony

TL: Alight, no worries, thanks very much. There he goes folks, Mark Daly ...alright we’re going to go to a track. Ten minutes to ten ....that was KRS one. Robert did you like that?

RG: Err It gives me nightmares

TL: Ha ha, I’m sorry I couldn’t resist it

RG: Nooo, you should be ashamed of yourself

TL: The last time I spoke to you, this was before you got, rearrested, I played that song and sure enough the police came up for yer

RG: Ohh..they’re probably listening right now. They’re probably on their way as we speak.

TL: Well listen folks, we’re all friendly and we all just want to fight corruption and I think that any er law enforcement officer should be fighting for law enforcement and there’s a lot of stuff that’s gone on which is absolutely ridiculous and I think deep down in their hearts they know what’s really gone on and just think that maybe a few more of them should maybe have to take a pay cut or lose their salary and just go on and er fight for freedom and fight for justice, but anyway don’t let me rant here...we’ve got Lorraine on the line. Lorraine welcome to the tony Legend Show.

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