Friday, 14 December 2012

Tony Bennett statement regarding Hollie Greig

The following is a statement written by Mr Tony Bennett which he sent to both members and supporters of Hollie Demands Justice and to members of Hollie Hoax’ groups.

Today Mr Bennett sent a copy to me along with his kind permission for it to be reproduced here on ‘Cutting through the Rubbish’:

Dear all, 

I am writing to you all to inform you that I can no longer recommend that people should support the 'Hollie Demands Justice' campaign. 

Up until now, I have relied on the claims of Anne Greig and on what has been publicly said by Robert Green. At the heart of this story is whether Hollie Greig is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about her claims of being abused by 22 people, along with several other children whom she says were also abused. 

In reaching my decision, I have carefully considered the rival claims of the Hollie Demands Justice campaign against the claims made on the Hollie Greig Hoax campaign site. I have also, inter alia, read the Scottish Herald report on the case (June 2012), which I had not read before, and viewed several YouTube videos, including interviews of Wyn Dragon-Smith and Sylvia Major (two of those accused), and analysis by someone called 'Jon' of a recent interview of Robert Green by Brian Gerrish, and published on the UK Column site. 

Some of you will know that I have spoken personally to Anne Greig in the past and that, convinced by Robert Green's apparent sincerity, I made a personal donation to him, and wrote him a letter and sent him a book to read whilst he was in prison, both of which he duly acknowledged. 

I am aware that some of you who will read this are fervent supporters of the HDJ campaign. In withdrawing my support, please do not underestimate my desire to campaign for those who really are guilty of child sexual abuse to be punished to the maximum extent allowed by law. Equally, as some of you know, I most certainly believe that elite paedophiles do exist in Britain and that these high-level abuse rings consist of powerful and ruthless people who will stop at nothing to cover their tracks. This is proved by e.g. the abuse eventually uncovered at North Wales and Islington childrens' homes, Kincora Boys Home, and at Dunblane - the Thomas Hamilton ring, covered up by Lord Cullen. 

It's just that in this case, there simply isn't the evidence that the 22/23 people named by Hollie and Anne Greig did commit multiple acts of sexual abuse. I have a connection to two websites, The Madeleine Foundation and the forum 'Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann'. I have recommended that they remove all links to the HDJ campaign. 

This statement is not confidential and may be quoted. 

Tony Bennett